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UAS / UAV Consulting Services


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Fixed-Wing, Rotary, Marine, and Land-Based Systems

Payload, Sensor, and Ground Station Development

UAS - UAV - OPV - OPA - RPA - ISR Solutions

Unmanned Automated System / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Systems Integration - Sensor and Payload Development 

Aerial Information Gathering and Data Collection / Site Surveys

Hardened Structures - Critical Infrastructure Surveys

Pipeline Surveys - Oil and Gas Exploration

Geological - Real Estate

Agricultural - Rangeland Management - Crop Management - Environmental

Research and Development Areas:

LTAS and Tethered UAV Systems

UAS / UAV Swarming - R&D and Integration

Ground Station Development and Integration

Remote Sensing and Detection Systems

Space Based Communications and Sensor Systems Development

Satellite Voice and Data Communications Systems Development

Software Defined Radio Design and Programming

Communications and Electronic Systems Development
Multi-spectral and Hyper-spectral Imaging, Sensing, and Detection

Ground Station Development and Integration

Intelligence / Counterintelligence Threat Analysis and Advisory

Photonics - Optoelectronics
Nanotechnology - NEMS Sensor Research and Development

Brain–computer interface (BCI) - Mind-Machine Interface (MMI) - Direct Neural Interface (DNI)

Voice-to-Skull - Bone Conduction - Natural Language / Speech Processing - NLP - AINLP

Brain Fingerprinting - Brain Mapping

EEG / MEG Heterodyning - Remote Viewing

Near-field and Far-field Critical / Forensic Video, Image, and Audio Analysis

Artificial Intelligence Systems Research and Development

Computational Biology Systems Research and Development

Functional Magnetic Resonance Sensing / Detection / Mapping Systems
EM Sensor Research and Development
ESR / EPR Sensor and Payload Development

Artificial Intelligence for Disruptive Environments

"We Can Solve The Problem."
Skybirdyne is currently headed by Ghost σ, a 2002 graduate of Rice University (Houston, Texas, USA). Ghost σ holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Specialization Area: Systems Engineering). Other team members include Jack Colton (Operations Manager), Dr. C.B. Hinojosa, Sky Wolf, Joe [AiS Operations], and many others, to include: pilots, medical doctors, electrical engineers, computer scientists, computer engineers, biologists, mariners, warfighters, signals analysts, cryptographers, various operations personnel, product specialists, and a host of researchers in different emerging technology fields.
We are able to offer many of our services in-person and via tele-presence technologies for more efficient use of resources as an expedited response to your critical project requirements.
Although we specialize in sUAS systems, many of our personnel are familiar with the critical engineering and systems requirements of larger UAS and UAV systems, including emerging technologies related to such systems. These specialized services are provided through outside companies and not through Please e-mail info (at) for more information. Do not disclose any sensitive information via e-mail (even encrypted)--please do not include anything that you would not discuss (or display) in OPEN public regarding your query. Secure methods of communication can be arranged after initial contact.
Services or products that are restricted due to ITAR / EAR or any other regulations will not be sold, provided, or rendered to through the website.
* Consulting fee is a retainer for up to 8 hours of consulting services from Skybirdyne Systems. The fee is not refundable regardless of the number of hours worked.
Consulting services provided through this web site include only the actual consulting related to UAS and various other technologies. Costs for rental or purchase of UAS and other systems sold by Skybirdyne (or other vendors) are not included in the price.